Thrift stores on the rise

         In the movie Mean Girls, the leading starlets all try to one up eachother in the fashion department. They all wear certain outfits on certain days and they ALWAYS have to look cute. There’s definitely no casual Friday for these girls. The movie, though a  bit exaggerated, represents this generation’s frivolous  spending habits. The only reason most teenagers even get jobs is to spend their money on the latest hot trend and on eating out. But now that the job market is becoming scarce and parents are feeling the financial pinch, teenagers actually have to become frugal. According to the Associated Press’s Anne D’Innocenzio, “The stalwart retailers of teen apparel, such as Abercrombie and American Eagle Outfitters Inc., are reporting sluggish sales, defying the myth that teen spending is recession-proof.” It’s become cool to shop at thrift stores and have a thrifty chic wardrobe to show off.


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Power of the People.

” The customer is not king as the culture industry would have us believe,not the subject,but its object.” T. W. Adorno.

Think again.

Wal-Mart gives in to pressure. “We are elated that after months of public pressure and national outrage, WM says it is finally going to do the right thing for Debbie Shank and her family.” WAl-Mart.

Get that shit out of here.

Ford’s Edsel crashes and burns.

Dupont’s Corfam: A synthetic leather designed to do for shoes what nylon did for stockings. Take a walk.

RCA’S Videodisc ; Great idea except it couldn’t record television shows. OOOPS

New Coke: Coca-Cola’s answer to Pepsi’s sweeter formula. provoked a national uproar. We want the real thing.

The consumers of this nation have more power than we realize, we just need to implement it.

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Coporate tax cut.

John Mccain proposes to cut coporate taxs. Does that include the OIL companies?

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The war in Iraq has moved into second place in the recent polls.It has been replaced with the concern over the economy and a possible recession (depending on what your defination is).Perhaps that 10 billion dollars we are pouring into the war would bring some relief here. Not to mention the trillions(what ever the hell that means)of dollars in national debt.

correction on the 10 billion dollars we are spending on the war in Iraq….that is per month!!!


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I cant drive anywhere!!!

I was driving home from having a long day of working and attending night school. I noticed my gas gage on low and I needed some gas, so I pulled over to fill my gas tank at the chevron station on Zelzah and Devonshire. I was walking inside to the convenient store and wondering what refreshing beverage I was going to purchase due the hellish weather, I saw the gas prices. for simple unleaded gas it was 3.74$ for a ninth tenth of a gallon. When I kept driving around town and neighboring cities the prices were ridiculous, they were all almost at 4.00$. How is it possible for the masses to be so accepting of the high prices? everyone around me is accepting of the prices, but how are students who live on there own, able to afford such horrific prices? as stated by Kenneth Musante on CNN.COM the price for a barrel is now reached a record high of 113$. the reasoning behind it is due to a weak dollar. the weak dollar is due to the fall of the housing market all over the nation, we are in a recession. the true definition of a recession according to, a recession is due to, two consecutive quarters of falling real gross national product. no one in the media or academia will state the “R”, officially, but the reality of the fall of the housing market, high gas prices, inflation around the country and the fall of the banks for the past 3 quarters to me and many of us tells us, ” We are in a Recession“. And If we aren’t, it feels so to me.

Eder Hernandez

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The cost of living in America

       Having lived in California my whole life it’s easy to see the divide between the rich and poor. Especially in America’s current economic situation, the gap between these two classes is getting bigger.  The group being hit the hardest is the middle class. It is becoming almost nonexistent. With prices of everyday items becoming astronomically expensive and job wages not rising along with living expenses, it is no wonder this country is entering a recession. Over 80,000 jobs were lost last month according to the labor department and the unemployment rate has risen to 5.1 percent up from 4.8 percent. One industry that is doing very well, however, is the oil company. They posted record profits this year. I am surprised as to why there isn’t a more public outcry of the high gas prices. High cost of fuel also make the food we eat more expensive. Everything is a chain reaction. For being one of the most powerful nations in the world, we have to come up with a way to revive this struggling economy.


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Life as an adult daughter

I am a working student. I go to California State University Northridge as a full time student. I also work full time, usually 72 hours per pay period. I am a typical student who earns slightly above minimum wage. You are probably wondering how I can afford to go to CSUN. Well, for one, I do not qualify for FAFSA. My parents help pay for my $1,700 tuition. On top of that, they are also paying for my older sister’s $18,000 vocational school tuition fee. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are both bluecollar workers. They just so happen to take out numerous amounts of loans and credits. So, today, after I got home from work, I observed the front of my house. It was beautiful, I said to myself. It’s simple, with three bedrooms, and plenty of memories. I told my mom that our house is so beautiful, despite its simpleness. She shakes her head sadly and said that we are about to lose it. My parents can’t afford to pay their mortgage anymore. It’s risen to a ridiculous amount of $5,000 monthly, on top of paying for tuitions for both daughters. Also, the value of the house drop, so we could no longer qualify to refinance. The equity is gone too. So right now, this so called recession is affecting everyone. Our tuition fee has risen, gas is almost $4.00 a gallon, and the sandwiches in my restaurant cost $10.95 (without french fries, mind you). So what are our options? To be honest, I don’t know either. I’m just sitting here, waiting, and blogging.


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in class — group

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Freeganism – A radical movement?

To some of you, the term “Freeganism” is novel and unfamiliar. There are a few conscious individuals who may recognize this term. I was one of the few who didn’t know what Freeganism meant, until one day I decided to read the Los Angeles Times. According to Freegan.Info, freeganism means “a total boycott of an economic system where the profit motive has eclipsed ethical considerations and where massively complex systems of productions ensure that all the products we buy will have detrimental impacts most of which we may never even consider.” People who follow this belief are called “Freegans.” The word freegan originated from “Free and Vegans.” Their primary objective was to avoid animal products, and it was taken to the extreme of avoiding mass-producing industry today. This is a growing subculture here in the United States, and we can safely assume that many people are beginning to follow this trend.

Freegans take advantage of our daily wastes; they refuse to buy something because that’s defeating their very purpose. They do not believe in consuming. They simply reclaim our unused products. They would go to restaurants and go through their trash. Some people would actually save left overs just for them. They are known to “dumpster dive” or “urban foraging.” They are even known to map out locations and plan strategies of their next hunt.

I believe that this is a great way to express a political voice although I find it repulsive to go through trash. It is really remarkable that people can find alternatives. We may not realize it, but mass production has consumed most of our daily lives. For example, we go to the store to purchase food, clothes, and shelter. Here in America, we are obsessed with purchasing the latest of gadgets or items, without even realizing its worth or the amount of sacrifice (and money) we need to give up just ot obtain that obsession. Freeganism is an option and a new lifestyle.

Freegan Official Website

Free Lunch Foragers,0,2162976.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel


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Welcome to EARL’s GROUP blog

Hi, I’m Anna!  I, along with my other three colleagues, Roger, Eder, and Lucine will be posting blogs concerning the so called “2008 recession.”  It will be our goal to express our opinions and share related topics in this blog.  The blogs may not be entirely about recession; it could vary from Celebrities, Education, etc.  The main goal is to talk about Pop Culture and how it revolves in our lives without us even noticing it.  Furthermore, I’d like to include that some of us may be bloggers for the first time!  Please be patient, and watch us grow intellectually in this project.  Comments from our classmates and Professor Hatfield are warmly welcomed.

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