Chasing my reality




Gas is expensive.  There’s no doubt about that.  And yet, people are refusing to believe this fact, or accept it. As gas continue to sky rocket, we continue to purchase expensive cars.  Fortunately for us, TESLA invented a new car that is completely electric.  It goes on from 0-100km/ in 4.6 seconds.  And the upside?  It’s sexy.

The downside of course is that, it costs $100,000 and you have to sign up to the 2 year wait list.  And yet this 248 horsepowered car is such a dream come true to every college students struggling to live.  I’m curious, because since this car is such a dream come true, why doesn’t the government fund this program, instead of sending billions of dollars in Iraq?  Or, use the money to set up a program that would lower the cost of this amazing car, and actually increase the demand?  That way, we are saving the environment.  We don’t need to gas for this sweet thing is rechargable at home.  It may be expensive, but to my opinion, prices are out of reach nowadays. 

It really is a dream — to bad we have to wake up and go back to our reality– our collapsing economy.




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