Small time, big bucks.

I work in a small time coffee shop. It’s un-strategically hidden in the corner of Albertson’s and a really shabby looking parking lot. To some of the people who would actually discover us, they would think that we are some sort of hardware store. It’s really not hard to figure out what we sell; I mean, we only have an Ice Cream sign and a Tea cup plastered all over our windows. Not only that, it blatantly states that we are a coffee shop, so I don’t know what those senile people are talking about.

Here’s the thing though, I originally worked in a deli, which conveniently owns this coffee shop. It is smart that these stores are within the same plaza. The deli makes at least $5,000 daily. Meanwhile, the coffee shop is lucky to make at least $250 a day. To break even, we need to at least make $300 daily.

This goes out to every small business owners. It’s hard to survive in this ongoing recession. Since the deli has expensive prices and really quality coffee, the Coffee Shop is compelled to sell expensive items as well. I mean, $1.75 per cup of coffee is not too bad. Plus, it’s all-day refill. In addition to that, we provide free Wi-Fi connection. Not only that, but we sell yummy smoothies, “super juices,” paninis, crepes, and salads. And yet, we can’t compete with corporations such as Jamba Juice or Pinkberry’s, because of the fact that they have more money for advertising and teasing your tastes bud. Quite frankly, I don’t think our pricing for the quality of our food is too expensive. It’s just that these regular deli customers are just damn spoiled.


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  1. Hey Anna,
    intresting topic, Ifeel like drinking coffe now, u should post the location so that some classmates can go get some coffe. well regarless of recession or not I think it extremly difficult for small bussiness to get ahead especially one’s who have bad locations and are commonly confused with hardware stores?
    The fact is that most big chains started as small not all business make it.
    YEah coffe!

  2. It’s called Gayle’s Perks, 9028 Balboa. Crossing Nordhoff, just right across the Matador Bowl/Target. We are right next to the Albertson’s Plaza.

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