Thrift stores on the rise

         In the movie Mean Girls, the leading starlets all try to one up eachother in the fashion department. They all wear certain outfits on certain days and they ALWAYS have to look cute. There’s definitely no casual Friday for these girls. The movie, though a  bit exaggerated, represents this generation’s frivolous  spending habits. The only reason most teenagers even get jobs is to spend their money on the latest hot trend and on eating out. But now that the job market is becoming scarce and parents are feeling the financial pinch, teenagers actually have to become frugal. According to the Associated Press’s Anne D’Innocenzio, “The stalwart retailers of teen apparel, such as Abercrombie and American Eagle Outfitters Inc., are reporting sluggish sales, defying the myth that teen spending is recession-proof.” It’s become cool to shop at thrift stores and have a thrifty chic wardrobe to show off.


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  1. I completely agree with you!! The prices of things are constantly rising and fashion is constantly changing? We all know that this change in fashion every year is brought to us specially by the big cooperations that ever so easily take our money without even blinking. Remember when something was cool, and about a month later it was over done and everyone hated? Well I was always the person that got the “cool” item right when it was on its way out. These days, I forget the whole idea of fashion, and stick to the things that have always been.. well.. acceptable.. haha Recently, I have found myself going through the racks at a thrift store, finding clothes that still have the tags on them, with a marked off $29.99 and a thrift store tag that says $3.99, I also found a pair of Steve Madden shoes for $3.50!! =) lets just say from now on its hard for me to pay for anything thats full price!!

    Here’s a link to a PBS film called “The Merchants of Cool”, It’s about the researchers who spend countless amounts of hours interviewing and searching for the next “cool” thing:

    -Mary S. =)

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